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Crash Analysis





Our Team


In the serious crash areas of work, feedback shows Bruce is known for quality investigations. The dedication and professionalism (he) brought to our training has been to the betterment of New Zealand Police.

Inspector Dave Rose 

Head of School Response RNZPC

I must say your report is a piece of art. It’s a pleasure to read & fascinating to follow the techniques used.

Brett (Barrister)

“Bruce has excelled in his leadership, strategic thinking and partnership building with his work with Australian Partners. This has seen him attend courses in Austrlia, to build his skill set and developer inter partner ability. Bruce has a real passion for crash investigation and is working hard with business owners to standardise and professionalise the serious crash unit”.

Justin Waugh

Practice Leader


I find Mr Wilson's  evidence to be unassailable and find the police case not to be proven.

District Court Judge

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